Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mokin's Pocket Atomizers c1920s

Around 1900, Mokins of Paris manufactured what is known as a pistolet a parfum, or Perfume Pistol. The pistol refers to the shape of the small assorted color striped glass bottles. These glass bottles were blown in Germany and are extremely light and fragile.  The small bottles were fitted with a rubber atomizer bulb so that the perfume could be sprayed onto the wearer.

The more expensive bottles were sold in a deluxe silvered metal case lined with red velvet which follows the shape of the atomizer. Other bottles were housed in a leather case similar in shape to the silvered one and cheaper models were housed in simple boxes or "purses".

The perfume bottles have a round gilded foil label embossed with "Mokins Paris Bte SGDG".

On one bottle, the original label was still present for the perfume. he label has the words "French Perfumettes Jaspy Buisson Fleuri". The "Buisson Fleuri" perfume was launched around 1920 by Parfums Jaspy of France.

The New York French Export Bureau were the sole agents for Mokins perfume bottles and Jaspy perfumes in the United States.

The perfume presentations were encased in a small chamois pouch. These atomizers were small enough for a lady to carry in her purse. These may have been sold up until the 1930s.

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