The Mignon Corporation

This company imported perfume bottles, atomizers and trays. The Mignon Corporation of New York City ordered "Tiffany ware" bottles from Loetz as told in the book Loetz: Bohemian glass 1880-1940 by Jan Mergl.

The Geo E. Mignon Company of New York was the US agents for Marcel Franck perfume atomizers.

In 1921, George E. Mignon organized with capital of $50,000 and confined the business of the company to imported perfumes and perfume atomizers and did not handle drugs. The incorporators were George E. Mignon, JR Clarke, and Ralph T Tyner, president of the Theodore Taylor Finance Corporation 49 Liberty street New York.

By 1923, the company was renamed The Mignon Corporation.

Treasury Decisions Under the Customs, Internal Revenue, Industrial Alcohol, Narcotic and Other Laws, Volume 45, 1924:

"Atomizers. — Manufactured by the Mignon Corporation, of New York, N. Y., with the use of imported bottles or tops, or both."

Druggists Circular, 1923:
"Buy MIGNON Perfume Atomizers for Beauty, Service, Economy. Remarkably large variety of prices, sizes and designs. The Mignon Corporation 18 East 27th Street New York. Send for our new illustrated catalog."

The Jeweler's Circular, 1926:
"Many of the creations are bubbles of crystal beauty with myriad changing lights; mystery of soft shifting colors — all just a part of the pride and pleasure of our assortment.  The Mignon Corporation 29 West 35th Street, New York, London, Paris." 

Mignon had their name stamped onto the atomizer collars, along with “Made in France” and sometimes the name Mignon was acid etched onto the base of the flacon. Their hardware is sometimes similar to those of DeVilbiss, Marcel Franck or Volupte.

They also launched the Royal Doulton Atomizer line in 1926. Mignon had purchased several of Steuben's Rosaline and iridescent Aurene glass bottles.

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