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Perfume Atomizer Hardware Patent Info c1900

The image below is a patent drawing for an atomizer (on left) and fancy perfumey sprinkler cap (on the right). The hardware was patented on July 3, 1900 by Joseph Albiez. The atomizer shape is the usual "Aladdin's lamp" design we often encounter.

Below is an excerpt from the patent text:
No. 653,193. Patented July 3, 1900. .J. ALBIEZ.
STOPPER FOR ATOMIZERS OR PERFUMERY BOTTLES. (Application filed Da c. 21, 1899.)
(No Model.)
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent N0. 653,193, dated July 3, 1900.
Application filed December 21 1899. Serial No. 741,098. (No model.) 
To all whom it may concern: 
Be it known that I, JOSEPH ALBIEZ, a citizen of the United States of America, and a resident of the city, county, and State of New York, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Stoppers for Atomizers or Perfumery-Bottles, of which the following is a specification. 
The object of my invention is to provide a stopper for fancy atomizers and fancy perf umery-bottles which shall be cheap, durable, and not liable to leak air either through, in, or around it and which further provides a perfect fit. 
The bottles ordinarily used for fancy atomizers and fancy perfumery-bottles are imported generally from Europe, and the necks and shoulders of said bottles are not exactly uniform, and in ordinary stoppers great care must be exercised or otherwise air will be allowed to either enter or escape from the bottle and prevent the requisite action of the atomizer when placed on the bottle. 
The atomizers and perfumery-bottles commonly used consist of a bottle having rigidly secured around its neck a collar or stopper which is screw-threaded internally,into which is fitted the atomizing-orifices supported by the said collar and which connects with or forms part of the liquid-tubes. 
My invention consists in rigidly affixing to the neck of the bottle a collar which is screw threaded externally and terminating at its lower edge in a flange which curves or flares outwardly. Then the cap or stopper which contains the atomizing device and the liquid and air tubes is screw-threaded internally, so as to correspond with and engage with the threading on the rigid collar, and this cap or stopper has on its bottom or lower end a flange which flares or curves outwardly in such a curve so as to exactly fit the flange or outward curve on the collar when the cap or stopper is in its proper place. It is then placed on the rigid collar and screwed down, so as to make an air-tight connection with the collar affixed to the neck of the bottle. A small washer either of leather, rubber, or cork is placed in the interior of the stopper, so that when the stopper is screwed on the collar attached to the neck of the bottle it comes between the outside portion of the collar and the bottom of the interior portion of the stopper. 
When my invention is used on fancy perfumery-bottles, the stopper is formed of a hollow cap, on the interior of which is placed the small washer heretofore spoken of, and this cap is screw-threaded internally and has at its bottom or lower end a flange which curves or flares outwardly, so as to exactly fit when screwed down upon the collar the flange or curve on the collar attached to the bottle. 
It is my intention to use my invention in connection with fancy perfumery-bottles, so that the perfume can be sprinkled from the bottle by merely shaking it, and the contents are then ejected from the two small ducts in the fancy cap, and in order to do this the stopper is cast in one piece and is screw threaded externally at its top, and the cap or Figure l is a side view of the atomizer embodying my invention; Fig. 2 is a vertical section of the same. Fig. 3 is a vertical section of my invention, showing the same when used as a sprinkler. Fig. 4 is a vertical section of my invention, showing the same when used as a stopper for fancy bottles. 
In the drawings, A designates the bulb; B the glass bottle, on the top of which is rigidly screwed a collar O, having at its lower end an outwardly curving or flaring flange D.
E indicates the cap or stopper, which is screw-threaded internally and at its bottom or lower end has an outwardly or curving flange F. 
G indicates the washer, placed between. the upper edge H of the collar and the bottom edge I of the cap or stopper. 
J indicates the liquid-tube. 
K indicates the air-chamber. 
L indicates the opening in the cap or stopper when used as a sprinkler. 
M indicates the fancy cap. 
N, Fig. 4, indicates-the whole cap when used on fancy perfumery-bottles. 
O indicates the air-pipe. 
What I claim is in a device of the character described, a bottle having an external threaded neck with tapering shoulders there beneath, a sleeve threaded on the neck of the bottle with its outwardly-flaring lower edge fitting against the tapering shoulders and its upper edge turned over the mouth of the bottle, a washer seated on the upper end of the sleeve, screw threads formed on the outside of the sleeve directly opposite the internal threads thereof, and an atomizer having a socket provided with internal threads fitting the external threads of the sleeve, an outwardly-flaring flange on its lower end seated in the flaring edge of the sleeve, and an inwardly-projecting shoulder seated in the washer, substantially as described. 
In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my invention I have signed my name, in presence of two witnesses,this 25th day of November 25, 1899. 

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