The Pyramid Company was a subsidiary of the Samuel Langsdorf Company of New York, they were manufacturers of celluloid products and postcards during the early 1900s. They imported bottles from Czechoslovakia and like DeVilbiss, they added their own hardware.

Bottles were often were marked with a pyramid shaped paper label affixed to the top of the foot of the bottle, a hang tag, or the name Pyramid stamped on the collar. Many times, Pyramid, Volupte, Gironde, Aristo and DeVilbiss bottles will have the same types of decoration and/or bottles and hardware. I suspect this is because they both purchased Czechoslovakian or American bottles for their own hardware. Pyramid bottles, were internally enameled. I wondered also if Volupte, Aristo, Gironde and Pyramid were handled (put together) and decorated by some of the same people and then shipped off to the various companies to have their labels or hang tags affixed and distributed.

The bottles often had very elaborate decoration, gold encrustation was a popular element as well as hand painted abstract or floral shapes in contrasting colors. The Art Deco styles of these atomizers prove to be just as collectible as those by DeVilbiss, Aristo and Volupte.

It is interesting to note that in my research of this company, I have come across several celluloid dresser sets which were sold under the Pyramid label by the S. Langsdorf Company. One of the dresser sets was in a patterned celluloid imitating tortoiseshell, aptly named “Shell Tone” and was decorated in 22kt gold trim. Another one was decorated with rhinestones.

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