Gironde Atomizer Company

A very scarce name you might come across is Gironde. The Gironde Atomizer Company, Inc. of 10 West Thirty Third Street and Fifth Avenue, New York created deco styled atomizers around 1926. They purchased bottles from Czechoslovakia and either imported or added their own hardware. Based on some newspaper articles, I believe they went out of business by 1930 as they seem to be sued by their bank.

Information on this company is so scant I cannot really find much info to add here. Their bottles at times look so much like Volupte, Pyramid and DeVilbiss that without any identifying label, they could be mistaken for one another quite easily. Gironde bottles are marked with a pyramid shaped label with the Gironde name inside at an angle. I think that the Gironde company and Pyramid may have been part of the same company, as they used identical bottles and similar pyramid shaped labels.

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