Sunday, April 23, 2017

G. de Beffort & Co

G. de Beffort was located at 66 rue de Bondy in Paris, they produced perfume atomizers, perfume burners, garnitures de toilette, barber supplies, and various hardware such as metal sprinkler crown tops for perfume bottles.

The company won the Grand Prix at the Exposition Internationale in Paris in 1911. One of their patented products was Cistaflor - a perfume burner and known for their pocket atomizers sold under the brand name "Ketma".

They had an office at 2 St-Georges Avenue, 2, Aldermanbury, EC, in London.

The company was still in business in 1923 as I have evidence of a hand dated invoice.


The 1923 invoice shown above illustrates one of the Ketma pocket sized perfume atomizers in the upper right corner. 

From Pauline Turco's collection. This German porcelain perfume elephant is one of the small animal atomizer bottles by Schafer & Vater, model number 886. The tan monochrome glaze highlights the fine detail of this piece. Labels on both sides of the elephant identify the atomizer " Ketma". The atomizer hardware is stamped, "Made in France." As is often the case, the bottle is German made and the atomizer hardware was from France. This S&V model was sold as a souvenir at the Exposition Coloniale Internationale in Paris, France in 1931. Shown on page 115 of The Crown Top Book by Pauline Turco. Size: Approximately 3" h. including atomizer hardware and bulb.

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