Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Successful Resurrection of Marcel Franck

Good news! The Marcel Franck perfume atomizer company has been resurrected under new ownership of Bernard Dennery, who is the grandson of Marcel Franck and great grandson of Leopold Franck, who first entered the world of perfume atomizers and founded the company in 1882.

The Marcel Franck company blossomed after it's unique atomizers topped bottles from affluent perfume companies like Molinard, Worth and D'Orsay all the while lending even more value to the flacons themselves from the prestigious French glassmakers of Galle, Baccarat, Lalique and Saint-Louis. Collectors of perfume flacons may be more familiar with these examples than the general public.

The company thrived in the atomizer business up until the 1970s, when mass made simple spray mechanisms were favored over the refined examples that the Marcel Franck company was known for and the company ceased operations in 2001.

Beginning in 2011, under leadership of Mr. Dennery, the restored company has created new and improved atomizers based on the original Art Deco 1935 designs of the patented Escale and the Fizz atomizer, which uses the Venturi method of vaporization instead of the usual bulb style. These atomizers have been internally redesigned using the latest technological advances to ensure optimal operation and are 100% made in France.

The Escale is offered in two versions: one with a spray mechanism integrated in the mount (for which, a new patent has been filed) and the other with the traditional Venturi system. Not only does the company produce the atomizer hardware, but in keeping with the company's heritage, it manages to incorporate exquisite art glass flacons hand crafted in Murano Italy or by other talented European glass/crystal blowers in combination with their atomizers, so that one may fill their bottle with their favorite perfume. A special Baccarat crystal flacon, an updated example of a version first used in 1955, is also offered, this time, topped with a palladium plated atomizer.

Marcel Franck is also finishing the development of a revamped version of the old Le Weekend, a beautiful and extremely successful ladies hand bag atomizer. This new atomizer will integrate a system which will allow it to be filled directly from sealed perfume bottles by pumping out the perfume, similar to how the Travalo atomizer works, but more refined and luxurious.

Luxury is again in vogue with the proliferation of niche and smaller private perfume companies popping up and wanting something much more deserving of an opulent perfume, a chic flacon with an elegant atomizer to match. And this is exactly what they will find in the Marcel Franck atomizers and flacons, which are not only pleasing to the eye, but will help keep the perfume preserved due to their distinctive airtight hardware, made up of brass and electroplated in either palladium or gold.

If you have a perfume company and are looking to incorporate the highest quality atomizer hardware, please contact Bernard Dennery via email at

Marcel Franck 
15 avenue du Recteur PoincarĂ© 75016 PARIS 

Phone +33(0)6 26 49 06 54

If you are looking to purchase a Marcel Franck atomizer for personal use, you may find them at these retailers:

9 rue de Normandie 75003 Paris France 

Grand-Rue 38, 1204 Genève Switzerland 

Bahnhofstrasse 17, Paradeplatz, 8001 Zurich Switzerland 

Via de’ Tornabuoni, 19N, 50123 Florence Italy 

Lausanne Palace, Grand-Chene 7-9, 1002 Lausanne, Switzerland 

Urban Retreat, 5th Floor, Harrods, 87-125 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London 5W1X 7XL, UK 

« Plaza » Olaya Street, Riyadh City, Show room number 10, Saudi Arabia

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