Thursday, November 29, 2018

Roolf et Cie

Societe Roolf et Cie of Choisy le Roi, France.

Granted French patent FR354606 n May 13, 1903 for an atomizer with a hermetic closure.

Granted French patent FR335026 on August 1, 1904 for a "Système de vaporisateur multiple".

Granted French patent FR354606 on October 9, 1905 for an atomizer with a hermetic seal.

Granted French patent FR361348 on June 15, 1906 for an improvement for an atomizer.

Granted French patent FR372061A on March 23, 1907 for an unusual atomizer.

In the letterheads, the company listed all the articles that they manufactured, including "vaporisateurs en tout genres", by 1940, this line was crossed out in the letterhead, which leads me to believe that they no longer produced these items.

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