Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Gironde Perfume Atomizers 1928 Advertisement Catalog Page

Advertisement from a 1928 Oskamp Notling catalog.

Some bottles are made up of transparent glass, opaque colored glass, two are made up of sterling silver, one is encased by celluloid, some bottles have an iridized finish, other bottles have engraved or hand painted details picked out by enamel.

Squat atomizer made up of green glass with gold stripe. Bottle stands 5.25" tall.

Bottle made up of green transparent glass, bowl has a fluted design. Bottle stands 5.25" tall.

This atomizer is made up of colorless glass and is fitted into a faux mother of pearl celluloid holder. The holder came in several shades: white pearl on amber, rose pearl on amber, and blue pearl on amber. It has gold plated hardware. The bottle stood 5.75" tall.

This simple atomizer was made up of amber glass and had an iridized finish like that seen on carnival glass of the period. The bottle stood 5.25" tall.

This slim atomizer was made up of rose colored opaque glass and stood a graceful 6 3/8" tall.

Nice atomizer made up of opaque black glass bottle with hand painted gold decoration. The stem and base is made up of gold "Duralin", a type of early plastic (still in use today). The bottle stands 7 3/8" tall.

This atomizer seems to have been made up of clear glass with a coral red fired on enamel outer surface. The bottle features the clear glass and gold painted "window panes" effect, often seen other other competitors like DeVilbiss and Volupte. The bottle stands 7 1/8" tall.

This blue transparent glass bottle has an engraved cameo of a Neo-Classical dancer. The bottle stands 7" tall.

This gorgeous bottle is made up of amber glass, and accented with a hand painted gold enameled band with dainty roses, ending in a simulated knotted fringe effect. This bottle stands 7" tall.

Here's another bottle that has a celluloid casing. The inner bottle is made up of colorless glass and is encased in a green faux mother of pearl holder. The hardware os gilded and the bottle has a glass siphon tube. The bottle stands 6.5" tall.

This graceful, fluted sterling silver bottle has a bright finish and rests on a delicate pedestal base. This bottle stands 6" tall.

Here's another sterling silver bottle, this time, it has a grey finish, and not the bright polished finish as the previous bottle. It has a demure embossed base and stood 5.5" tall.

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