Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Austrian Jeweled Perfume Atomizer c1930

Austrian jeweled perfume atomizer, 1920s-1930's, 6 3/4" tall x 5" diameter base. Gorgeous vibrant green faceted "bell" shaped bottle with art deco geometric vivid gold metallic band around bottom edge. The original hardware features glistening ormolu filigree with hand painted gloss black enameling and sparkling green round faceted stones topped off with a massive dome shaped jade colored stone. Replacement ball & cord.

Photo from: http://www.perfumebottlesetc.com/orders.cfm/ses_/details.cfm,list,x,2,0,PA899,x,x,x/Atomizers%20%28Perfume%29/Austrian%20Jeweled%20Art%20Deco%20Atomizer/

This bottle resembles this bottle, also from the 1920's-1930s. As you can see it has green cut glass stones
that are bezel set along the collar. There are also black rectangular stones made of glass. The bottle itself is made up of green glass in the same shape as the previous bottle,  and take notice of the gold trim at the base of the bottle. The top has beautiful filigree beneath the glass stone. The hose and ball are replacements.

photo by ebay seller august*bride

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