Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wonder Girl Atomizer c1920s

A curious perfume atomizer was spied upon while browsing the ebay listings in 2012. It consists of a plaster half doll figure atop a glass atomizer base. Dubbed the "Wonder Girl Atomizer" and made in 1923, it was created by Maybelle A. Meyer, and awarded with the patent number 146204.

The half doll is made up of plaster and conceals most of the atomizer hardware. When the bulb is squeezed, the fragrance comes out the belly button! How ingenious and risque for the time period. Reading the patent specifications, the prototype half doll was made of celluloid and was meant to be clothed by ribbons or straps held up by the shoulders and the fabric would be gathered around the base to conceal the perfume bottle and look more like a doll standing atop the vanity. The plaster doll head has flaming red human hair and is probably French or German in origin.

This great piece was up for auction on ebay from the seller cclinne. All pictures are from her auctions.

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