Walter Sams

Walter Sams, Chicago, Ill. was an American metal company that designed some unique perfume atomizer hardware in the early 1900s.  The company was absorbed by a larger metal fabricating company, the Christopher Mfg. Company, who produced the hardware.

The History of Johnson County, Missouri, 1881:
"WALTER SAMS, jeweler and dealer in all kinds of watches clocks gold and silver ware, corner of Holden and Culton streets Warrensburg, Missouri. This thrifty young business man commenced for himself September 1, 1881, and the encouragement he has received up to the present time, January 1882, is most flattering. He has a thorough and practical knowledge of his trade, having served six years under superior instruction, and being a young man of good morals and excellent business habits, a bright future both in business and social circles lies before him. He was born in Washington, Franklin county, Missouri, and when but a few months old, came with parents to Warrensburg where he has been reared, and become well known. His father, Edward Sams and mother, Jessey nee Oxley, are natives of England who came to America twenty four years ago and settled in Warrensburg about eighteen years ago. His father is proprietor of the market on Culton street, and the family consisting of five sons and one daughter are highly respected."

Design patents for a pump style atomizers:

  • #738848 -(1903) standard style pump atomizer
  • #790318 - (1905) unusual sideways pump atomizer

The Spatula, Volume 11, 1905:
"The perfumizer offered to the trade by Walter Sams Chicago is an improvement on the ordinary atomizer in that it has no valves to get out of order."

patent #738848 from 1903

The Pharmaceutical Era, Volume 33, 1905:

Notions and Fancy Goods, Volume 41, 1907:
"Walter Sams the Pump Atomizer man, made Detroit, Pittsburg, Cleveland and Cincinnati during the past month. He reports the prejudice against atomizers is being rapidly dissipated and his last-a-lifetime brand a decided success."

Notions and Fancy Goods, Volume 41, 1907:
 "Walter Sams of the Sams & Christopher Mfg Co, is in New York pushing his new pump atomizer. He will spend a month to six weeks in the Eastern States ."

Notions and Fancy Goods, Volume 41, 1907:

patent #790318 from 1905

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