Kitzinger Freres

Kitzinger Frères of Paris launched a line of Art Déco atomizers in the 1920's and 1930's.

Kitzinger Freres sold perfume atomizers, lance perfume bottles under the name Vapolux, purse atomizers under the brand name Paradisand vanity items (garniture de toilettes).

Kitzinger Freres most commonly found brand name atomizers were: "Vapolux", "Au Touriste Paris", and "Paradis".

Kitzinger Freres imported all of the glass and I believe that they added their own hardware to most of the items. They used nickel and gold plated copper, white nickel, and gilded bronze hardware mountings. These could be found in the sliding styles as seen below, the "aerodynamic" types, fluted form, or the bulbous "Marcel Franck" types (seen on the Baccarat bottles).  If you look closely the nozzle or "beak" as I like to call it, looks different on each style below.

Kitzinger Freres used exquisite art glass flacons from prestigious manufacturers such as Daum Nancy, Delatte, Baccarat, Muller Freres, Galle, Saint-Louis, Raspiller and De Vez. They also bought Bohemian (Czechoslovakian) bottles and handpainted Limoges porcelain to which they added their own mounts, many of which feature the sleek aerodynamic styles.

The glass could be found delicately hand painted with bucolic views of sylvan forests, placid lakesides scattered with birds in flight. While other bottles are found with whimsical scenes of lovers in silhouette frolicing on swings hung from trees while others play coquettes. Other bottles can be found richly enameled with meandering vines and lush blossoms or sprays of foliage.

Some bottles of understated elegance only featured plain cut glass glass panels or intricate cut patterns. Alternatively, some glass bottles had frosted finishes with a satin texture that felt against the fingertips when held. These bottle could also be found trimmed with gilding for a more luxurious touch.

Kitzinger Freres also launched a line of Art Nouveau and Art Deco cameo glass perfume atomizers, powder jars and small pocket atomizers signed with the brand name Paradis, which was the name of the street their bouquet was located. The small purse atomizers can be found in vividly hand painted Limoges porcelain and in nickel plated or gold plated metal.

These luxurious items were then sold in the prestigious Printemps department store in France.

In addition to fancy art glass and porcelain, Kintzinger Freres also supplied lesser expensive pewter and white metal bottles that were used by barbers.

One of the marks you may come across is "K. Fres." and the cross of Lorraine inside of a diamond (lozenge) shape.

Modern Perfumery, 1919

Parfumerie Moderne, 1918:
 "MM. Kitzinger Freres come for three years at the Lyon Fair and are satisfied, more and more results. They are followers of our great commercial market and we understand very well their réusite considering their offer is complete and well developed both for price as for the variety of articles. Sprays and all WC set from everyday objects to the sale of unique parts for goldsmiths, the signed glassworks Daumm [sic], De Vez, Gallée [sic], etc. Mr. Kitzinger have what it takes to meet all requests."

I recently saw a picture of the vending machine that supplied the Vapolux lance perfumes. Lance perfumes are used during Carnevale. A lance perfume can be used by removing the cap, and reclining the tube, the heat of the hand will force the perfume out in a spray. Lance perfumes held the finest French fragrances.

Here are scanned pages from my 1924 Kitzinger Freres Perfume Atomizer Catalog:

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