Another competitor you might come across is Érelbé, this French company produced atomizers and usually had a mark of RLB in a monogram, this was sometimes accompanied by Made in France and their perfume burners are marked Catalyseur. They supplied hardware to Saint Louis, Baccarat, Limoges and various Czech factories.

Erelbe was situated at 19, rue Richer, Paris, France (c1935).

The company produced

  • Vaporisateurs de Luxe
  • Vaporisateurs pour Brillantine
  • Garnitures de Toilette
  • Montages pour Parfumeurs
  • Catalyseur Erelbe purifie l'air 

I have seen some bottles with the RLB Monogram that sellers mistakenly claim are Rene Lalique, because of the RL in the monogram. Please note that this does not stand for Rene Lalique. If you happen to find such a bottle attributed to Lalique with the mark of RLB, please do not buy it on premise of a Lalique bottle as it is misappropriated.

Érelbé also produced perfume lamps of fine Limoges porcelain, sometimes you will find a mark such as “Serpaut Érelbé Limoges France”. This is the mark for Charles Serpaut. Serpaut worked for Bernardaud, and left in the early 1920's to form his own company. His company made the Art Deco perfume lamps as well as small porcelain perfume bottles, was in business in Limoges between the early 1920s til about 1930. You should find the little perfume bottles marked "Erelbe" and with the Serpaut backstamp on the porcelain.

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